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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I transfer from my existing health insurance plan? No. Applicants must have had no health insurance in the past six months.

2. Are children eligible?
Children should apply for the KidCare program with the State of Florida. If their parents qualify for the Health Flex Plan they will likely qualify for KidCare. If the child does not qualify for KidCare, then he/she can be enrolled in the Health Flex Plan.

3. Do you have a Family Plan?
No. The Plan offers only individual memberships.

4. How much does the plan cost?
$50 per person per month.

5. How old do I have to be to participate?
As of May 2011, there are no age restrictions for the HealthFlex plan.

6. Does the Plan cover hospitalization?
No, the current plan does not offer hospital coverage. There are other options for hospitalization coverage that we can discuss with you.

7. If my primary care center is located in one county, can I be seen at American Care Centers in other counties?
Yes, with no additional payments.

8. If we are participating as a group in our workplace, do a certain percentage of employees have to participate?
No, there is no minimum participation required. If the entire group wants to participate, at least 75% of employees in the group must earn less than 300% of FPL.


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